Plakat za festival . 2000000000 ld nagrada!


tripoli teleportation media center
new cultural institution on the new ground
found to be founded

making dialog between east_west_north_and_south!

since Lybian new media artists and cultural activists together with general Gadafi
are in contact with Montenegro New Media Center and Georgian Unstable Institute,
we are glad to confirm that new and modern high level dialog
is going on,
result is already here!
we have...

!!!!!!first media center for new media art and cultural activism in north africa region!!!!!!

new Zampa's job is to make research of privat chambers from general Gadafi
and to make preconditions for new festival in Lybia, Tripoli.
thanks to TTMC, V2, MNMC and GUI, we are able to use military technic in artistic purposes!
like never before all activists and cultural techno freaks are invited to join!
and to use teleportation machine that general offers to us!

afther great success with Montenegro coast [Just do it!-festival],
new festival has to be established in Tripoli, Lybia.

!!!!Teleport you!!!!
from 1. until 15. august 2005.
and apply!

honorar for every
cultural activist and media theorist is 20000 lybian dinars
techno freaks 15000 ld
artist 10000 ld
not invited artists has to pay fee 300 US$ per day.

deadline is 27. may 2005.
contact zampadileone at


for montenegro coast festival∞
thank you for participating and pick up the prize!