montenegro coast festival∞
thank you for participating and pick up the prize!

Plakat za festival . 2000000000 din nagrada!

open call!!!!!
festival for newmedia and art
montenegro coast


It's very heavy situation in culture and activism!
strong metaglobalmovement is happening all around planet!
political criticism is like a waste of shit!
we can find together answers and solutions!

These people call for open call!!!!
these people are the last artists!!!
these people are new romantics!!!
and anarchists!!!

they are making internal streaming!
they are inside netart context!
they are bosses of wireless network communities!
they like theory and hypertext!
they are the owners of open source rights!
they are left, left oriented!!

and they are like small children!!!!!

eternal deadline!
please send application, CV, and shit,


you will get everything... food, drink, montenegro seaside, and nice time...
honorar is 2000000000 YU dinars in cash for everybody!!!!

contact person for submission
zampa di leone
mail to: zampa at



sponsored by:
museum for art&biznis montenegro MABM
all european cultural value protection institutes
albanian art collection industry AACI
and lot's of important faces
just contribute!