Szeemann, Abramovic, Kulik, Ostojic, Grzinic, Young East European Curators
What is "Wonderland?"

When people refer to Wonderland today, they primarily mean those countries which formerly belonged to the "Eastern Bloc."

Wonderland is the question of what role culture and art play in connection with the transformation processes in central, east, and southeast Europe.

The creative curators, activists and actors in art and culture work together in developing the projects for an exciting presentation in Wonderland.
One of them, Tanja Ostojic is working very closely with international curators with a primary focus on the development of emancipated ideas.

Wonderland hopes to open an arena for debates and discussions beyond "national" and "sexual" geography.

Artists and curators from central, east, and southeast Europe are investigating a field in which both symptomatic stereotypes and emergence of vampires on the field of representation meet each other.